Music Video Using LED As A Backdrop

Music Video Production

Film a music video like no other…

Music videos are a chance for artists to express themselves and the narrative of the song, it is a chance for them to connect to their fans and create a totally unique video. Virtual production is allowing musicians to break new ground when it come to filming their videos. Discussions can take place in pre-production of how the visual content displayed on the LED screens will lend itself to the creative nature of the lyrics.

Virtual production in our studio is a collaborative operation between the artist and their team along with our technical crew, the artists vision and our know-how of the equipment and how to produce optimum results, provokes a truly imaginative project. Choreographed performance can be filmed against any backdrop you desire, whether it be abstract or a natural environment. Our team can transmit your pre-captured footage onto the LED screens, ready for your music video narrative to begin. We can also set up the studio space in a number of different formats, to suit your music video content.






Filming a music video in a virtual studio is the ideal option, with the current COVID restrictions. Photorealistic locations can be bought to our virtual set and still produce realism on an exceptional level. Utilising a virtual production space is a safer alternative to filming on location, as music directors can limit the number of people on set, whilst continuing to work with others virtually. To unlock the creative possibilities of a virtually produced music video get in touch with us today!