Film Production using Unreal Engine

Film Production

Virtual Film Production is the new way for the film industry. be anywhere.

Film crews are able to blend traditional filming techniques with real-time engines to create virtual scenes, which replicate the scenario as it would have been traditionally filmed, leaving the audience unsuspecting of any changes. Virtual Production is a vital tool to allow the creativity of filmmakers come alive. This is an exciting way to film currently, given the circumstances the world faces currently, the film world can continue to create visions for the big screen. 

Virtual Production also allows for pre-vis to filmed during these unprecedented times. Production can continue to approximate the look and feel of the final sequences of your latest film idea, using lighting, stage direction & editing, all without the high costs of an actual production. This accomplishment can result an interactive pre-vis which can be used to showcase the virtual film environment which keeps the vision coherent.

Virtual production shoots also allow the Director to become the technical artist, they are able to manipulate pretty much anything from rigid body effects to architectural designs, for example practical set pieces can be united with digital extensions constructed on the screen, with the result being indistinguishable from the physical counterparts. This gives filmmakers the chance to have freedom to experiment with ideas, like they never have been able to do before. The LED wall is not just a set, it provides an actual world and landscape for filmmakers to build on. It is an innovative and liberating way to film, making filming a process which is cost-effective and one which can actually remain closer to the schedule than previously.

Traditional filmmaking process is a linear one which has many components in place, which has proven problematic in the past. Time is money in this expansive industry, traditionally the linear process means that repetition of takes is usually required, something that the studios cannot afford to do. Often it is the case that the production team are second guessing the creative outlook and so when it comes to the editing section, the team usually discover that there are issues with the shots, colours, special effects cannot be implemented in the correct way to ensure the scene appears real. All of this occurs when the crew have completed and no longer have use of the filming space. It then falls to the editing team to make the best of the situation in order to meet the demand of the release date. This traditional method is disconnected with all elements that make the film, which usually results in the final creativity being compromised all in order to get the film out on time.

Set building can help with any small impracticalities the LED wall may pose. Such as the corner points which prove sometimes difficult to hide, a strategically placed prop can be used to hide this and blend the transition. Filming in a Virtual set-up maximises the use of time, as sets are built ahead of time, allowing for set dressing and lighting tests to be perfected before the shoot. Virtual art departments are able to digitally work and create the space quickly and effectively.

Virtual production is an enhanced experience for actors and actresses as they are no longer required to imagine the setting of the scene, as it is all live whilst filming. The LED wall set up, provides a performance space which is the perfect solution for the cast to deliver a representation which allows them to immediately visualise and react to the environment of the scene. It also allows for the entire team to be surrounded by the world, LED solutions can even offer a 360 degree view of the film realm.

What are the benefits of Virtual Production:

  • A more continuous and collective procedure, allowing for a smoother film production 
  • Allows for the production team to complete repetition of shots earlier on in the filming schedule. 
  • Filmmakers can work collaboratively on visual details on set whilst filming, allowing more in-depth creativity and discussions. 
  • In turn all this results in producing high quality imagery from the beginning.