Virtual Film Production

Fashion Shows

Create Amazing Fashion Shows and be anywhere in the world.

If you are getting ready for Fashion Week next year, now is the time to be looking into live streaming your virtual production of the fashion show. The current situation does not have to limit your options, in fact it is a rather exciting new way to deliver your fashion show. The models are able to still showcase the fashion pieces and make it feel as if the show was actually happening.

Virtual workshops can also be recorded and delivered by our virtual production studio and team. This is the ideal way to communicate across to your audiences during busy periods, such as fashion week each year.

Create a fashion show using a virtual production

There may not be the opportunity to host a physical fashion show for the moment, but there are ways around it. The launch of digital fashion week allows for the opportunity to create a fashion show using a virtual production. Fashion labels can still employ models, in a safe environment, for the launch of the seasons next range. The LED screens can be transmit any image you require for your creative background, this can be as realistic or as abstract as you desire. Our production team will them work on ensuring the images are configured to the highest resolution and provide the clearest and highest quality of image. Your audiences logging onto the virtual runway will not even be able to tell the difference! This digital experience will be a new way for audiences to view key pieces of forthcoming season collections. it’s also a chance for fashion brands to try something new and exciting.