Brand Awareness film production

Brand Awareness

Create Brand Awareness using serious tech

Creating Brand Awareness is also an important task for any Brand. There are many ways in which your company can choose to do this. In the current pandemic location shoots for your brand advertisement may not be an option. We collaborate with a production team to work with your brand’s idea, our team can then begin to discuss with you how this will happen and what we will do on our end to ensure the production looks realistic.

Our virtual production offers an extended reality, meaning you can go to any location you desire. Large props can be bought into the studio and use against a backdrop to make it seem realistic. For example if you are advertising the latest model of your brand’s car, you are able to bring the car into the studio and our team will work on obtaining the location shots you require and then inputting the data into the LED walls to make the location ‘come to life’ as the set becomes a 3D replica of the real location. The world you visualise to sell your product will be the world you see, all without having to leave the virtual studio.

During the shoot, the production team will be able to show you the footage live and edit it in real time, meaning that the virtual production will be a lot faster than having to shoot on location. This results in a more effective use of your time and a more cost-effective method of creating an awareness of your brand and the products.

Pre-vis is another option for your brand to use, this may make the selling of your product easier, as you are able to create a pre-vis and show the board a realistic and almost completed short version of what the final campaign will appear as.

Virtual production allows your company to be as creative as you want with your ad campaigns. The audience will never know the difference of an on-location shoot or a virtual one, such is the quality of the technology. This way of filming is also the ideal solution to the current Government guidelines, allowing any models you choose to use in the shoot to be filmed safely and in accordance to the rules.