About Us

About Virtual Production

Virtual Production was brought to life during the COVID pandemic. With the events and film industry struggling, due to the Government shutting down the industry, we had to think of a way to survive and keep employees in work…and quick! Our team huddled (virtually of course!) to form new ideas and ways to continue working safely. The concept came from one of our team members (being a film buff) reading up on the latest Mandalorian production. It was whilst having an enthusiastic and frankly rather kiddish and overly excited chat, one of our CEO’s had the eureka moment of, ‘Hey we could offer this for the film, TV and Events Industry!’ 

So, that was the start of Virtual Productions, born in 2020…the year of new possibilities…we have to put a positive spin on it, it’s who we are! 

We swiftly realised that our goal was to provide a space and LED equipment for a production team to work safely. Our parent company supplied audio and visual equipment for a range of different events, from conferences to fashion shows! So, with the demise of these events, we had all the latest LED technology and nowhere to use it. By chance we hooked up with a production company, headed by Adam and John, called Teleport. They had the expert knowledge of filming and using gaming engines to create a realistic world, and we had the studio space and LED stuff….match made in heaven. Adam and his team immediately started working on utilising the studio and experimenting with different ideas. 

As the COVID pandemic continued, the team constantly worked out ways to work safely (all the while complying to Government restrictions). This meant at times only two people were in the studio, safely distanced, and had time to try things which ordinarily we would not have had the luxury to do…so there are some good things to have come out of this. 

Virtual Productions aims to serve any client who has a vision and wants to film using the latest technology and state of the art LED equipment. We offer a safe space for your story to come to life. We stand for technological advancements and pushing the boundaries with it, ensuring that filming projects leave audiences astounded by the magic of technology. 

Our team is excited to be working alongside the Teleport team and look forward to the future of virtual productions.